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Implementation & Training

Contract Implementation and Management

The time taken at the beginning of the project to understand your objectives and requirements in more detail will be vital.  We will work closely with your team to build a sustainable partnership – providing full support as we roll out your preferred solution. 

We will provide a detailed draft Project Plan for your review, as well as a Training Plan and Risk Register. Our Contracts and Implementation Team has overall responsibility for the project, seeing implementation through step by step, reviewing progress and performance with you, liaising with team members and implementing any necessary changes.  You will have the assurance of:
  • Our extensive experience rolling out the IT solution across a range of workforce management options – to 20 NHS Trust clients – and all within agreed timescales (usually 4-6 weeks).
  • Regular group meetings (for the whole team and for sub-groups according to actions required) all overseen and monitored by our Contracts and Implementation Manager.
  • Updates provided on a weekly basis.
  • Long standing policies and procedures in place to support the development of the IT portal and implementation.
Training and Support

LMS is very intuitive and typically individual users quickly learn to use LMS effectively with only a small amount of training time required, however, we have a dedicated training and support team in place to ensure your team is confident on how to use the system.

There is a dedicated LMS Support Hotline which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Your Trust will be provided with on-site training with a member of the team made available during the go live period as well, to ensure all Trust users (according to role) are clear on how the system works.
"Throughout the implementation stage, the LMS team provided excellent customer service, ensured the project ran to deadline including the successful roll out of an LMS training programme to all Trust and agency users. Consequently, the system was in operation within only 8 weeks, helping to reduce process costs and better monitor agency performance."
Linda Bailey, Head of Purchasing,